How do you like the gaming year so far? DrDisRespect does not seem to be really excited about the current games and even thinks about pausing a stream break.

DrDisRespect does not seem to be really excited about the current games

DrDisRespect does not seem to be really excited about the current games

He was recently asked during a stream why “such a terrible game” as Apex Legends would play. The Doc replied, ” There is (nothing better) out there, man.”

Just a few days ago we reported that Apex Legends had lost a lot of popularity and now even DrDisRespect seems to have lost the fun of the game.

” I literally want to take a break from streaming for a year until something comes out that really gets the doctor going,” says the streamer.

But DrDisRespect is not the only one who just does not seem to enjoy streaming. How Dexerto reports can also Fortnite-Streamerin Pokimane leaves her frustration about the lack of good games on twitter out.

” I have the feeling that many streamers are begging for a new / fun game. We all want to be happy to hit the ‘Start Stream’ button, but it’s difficult if you’re not sure what to play or are dissatisfied with your main game. I hope for something good that will be released soon. “

The release highlights of this month have been summarized in the following video.

As far as multiplayer games are concerned, this year’s selection is actually pretty clear. Borderlands 3 is scheduled for September. In November, fans will be looking forward to the upcoming Call of Duty section. How do you rate the gaming releases for this year? Is there really a lack of good games? If so, which game do you think should be published?

Apex Legends players push AFK teammates to victory

Apex Legends players push AFK teammates to victoryHe does not move, he does not say anything, he does not shoot, he is AFK : The biggest scare at the beginning of an online match has come with it, because if a team member is AFK, the odds of winning are bad. Especially in Apex Legends, where an AFK player accounts for a third of the entire team. So what do you do? In frustration, tear the Internet cable from the wall? Better not, because developer Respawn already flaunting a fair punishment , as soon as players leave the match willingly.

Then you better bite into the sour apple. But it can be quite funny, as two Apex heroes on Reddit showed in the video : With the knife, they have their AFK men in tow as they heroically shoot through the game – until victory.

Although Mr. AFK is sitting on the floor unconscious at the end of the race, he has won anyway. And of course, he is in the front of the Champion screen with a proud expression on his face. (I know the split in the end screen is random – it’s still amusing.)


Eleven months after its release on Xbox 360 and PS3, GTA V reached the respective successor to each console with a graphically improved version. Less than half a year later, I would do so on PC with which today is the most vitaminated option of all. In an interval of fifteen months, the game was planted in two generations of consoles and also in the world of the PC, and if you ask me to me I would say that this is the main reason why it has sold 110 million units. In addition to the obvious: its quality.

With Red Dead Redemption 2

With Red Dead Redemption 2

However, things look different. After seven months in the market, we still have no concrete news regarding the arrival of the next generation, so reproducing the same GTA V strategy seems difficult. This points to being much more spaced in time. In any case, what could be done is for the PC release to become the intermediate release, leaving as close the arrival to PS5 and Xbox Scarlett in 2019. If so, wouldn’t you be playing an ad?

It just so happens that there is only one month left for the E3, and although Rockstar is not very showering about handing out new ads to other companies or events, it would not be possible to rule out the arrival of a trailer for the Red Dead Redemption 2 version for PC. It could fall even outside the Fair, on nearby dates and through the official channel. His thing is that this comes to us during the last third of the year, so that we don’t get too close to the next release in the next generation, and that’s how it’s time to start moving.

Advancing the launch on PC makes more sense than it seems, not only because of timing issues. Despite being a bestseller, it must be recognized that Red Dead Online is not working as well as expected, first because of its premiere full of bugs and second because it is also a bit more of the same. Rekindling the West flame with a jump to the compatible can greatly improve the image that this multiplayer has right now, not to say that he would obviously kill it in sales.

On the other side of the coin we have a more terrible reality: that we repeat what we saw in the original Dead Redemption Network. It is a game that has only reached new generations through retrocompatibility, and is still absent in the PC world today. Could the Play be repeated? I don’t think so, but in Rockstar they’re very much yours, and we have no reason to dismiss that move either. In any case, it would be useful to be prepared for future announcements on Red Dead Redemption 2; These are suitable dates for such announcements.