Pawarumi analysis

The independent developer Manufacture 43 delights us with Pawarumi, an intense shooting game that will test your skill with the controls.

Pawarumi is a shoot’em up that bases its gameplay

Pawarumi is a shoot'em up that bases its gameplayOn the classic Game of “Stone, Paper, Scissors”, with three-dimensional futuristic scenarios inspired by pre-Colombian civilizations. Here you will find three very well balanced difficulties, each with its own alternative history, visiting a total of five levels and with leaderboards that will invite you to wipe it out for trying to reach the highest positions.

His story speaks to us of Azo, the best pilot of the empire Chukaru, which has been used by the alieníigenas to destroy all the defenses of the Land while he believed that he fulfilled his duty. As the protagonist and heroine of the adventure, it is now his turn to redeem himself in search of revenge. This is not a very interesting argument, but it is appreciated for its incursion and includes all the Spanish texts so that you do not have problems following it. It also has high quality illusions that are always a pleasure to see.

Mechanics are a bit complex at first, but you’ll soon get used to it. Here we have the possibility to move freely, slow down and use three kinds of fire: the Red Jaguar missiles, the Blue Condor laser or the green snake machine gun. We also have a superattack capable of cleaning the enemies screen when your indicator is full. The best thing is that enemy shells always have a pink tonality, so at all times you’ll know what elements can hurt you. The complex part is given by the system” Stone, Paper, Scissors ” it uses, where at first it will cost you to make the combination of colors.


We have three possibilities: Crush, which doubles the damage

We have three possibilities: Crush, which doubles the damageBy attacking a rival of a color that is despicable against our Attack, Boost, which allows us to fill the shield by striking a rival with the same color weapon, and Drain, with which we fill the superattack meter if we attack the enemies with a weak weapon against its type. It’s a little messy at the start of the adventure, but little by little you’ll get used to it. Just keep in mind that the Condor (Blue) has an advantage over the Serpent (Green), the latter over the Jaguar (red) and the Jaguar over the Condor. Carefully choosing the most suitable for each occasion can make the difference between victory and defeat, especially if you bear in mind that there is no kind of enhancer or help in the form of vitality or shield.

A very impotent detail is that in this game you will only have one life to complete the levels, having to always be guarding the shield, as this will be your vitality for the whole game. Luckily you have three levels of Difficulty (Easy, normal and difficult), where you can visit up to five different phases (Alaska, Ocean of dunes, Industrial Complex, Xibalba and K-7Z4-COA7L) with the choice of the simplest, which gives us access to the first four. It has a well-measured learning curve to start from the bottom and climb up, where you will find more and more enemies and projectiles that are complicating our progress.

And speaking of enemies, it is true that they are very different in form, patterns of movement and attacks, but having the same tone can become repetitive. This is not the case with the deputy chiefs and Chiefs, who are overwhelming in size and whose designs are far above the rest of the rivals.

Perhaps the biggest problem of the game is its duration here’s another game as the five levels can be completed in about an hour. However, it offers all the replay that characterizes the genre, always trying to get the best possible score to go up in the online bookmarks, which are divided by difficulties and where you can consult even your best brands.

As for game modes, we don’t find too much variety either. We have a Tutorial where they teach us the basic concepts, the training, to put into practice everything we have learned on the levels we have unlocked, and the already mentioned Arcade, which does the Times of history. As an extra, the Switch version includes the Joyful ship, which adopts the color of the platform controls. It is not too special, but it is appreciated that it is included.

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